Events and seminars

Presentations made easy
Presentations made easy

wingwave Day:

In cooperation with my colleague Dorothea Müller-Stassek we offer a one-day-seminar to support you in finding an active balance in your life. We will look into topics like stress reduction and your ability to deal with people and situations in a relaxed way. It's all about helping you to be able to help yourself, including interesting exercises based on the neurobiological concept of wingwave coaching. Please contact me for more details.

Individual Coaching Day:

Wouldn't it be great to reserve a complete day just for yourself and your personal development? You're worth it! I'm happy to accompany you along the way and offer you a quiet and trustful environment for your reflection time. Please contact me for more details.

Presentations made easy:

In a small group we use the wingwave coaching method to further improve your performance and remove any blockages that you might have when presenting in front of smaller or bigger groups. You will also learn about important aspects like body language, how to use your voice as well as the room on stage.

After the 2-day workshop fear from presentations might have been transformed into positive anticipation...

Presentation trainings can be customized for teams as well as individuals.

Please contact me for more details.


I'm happy to develop an individual workshop concept for and with you and/or your team.

Please contact me for a personal exchange about your situation and needs!