Coaching for adult adoptees

Being a (trans racial) adoptee myself, I went (and worked) through many stages of the adoptee experience. I'm now using my training in a trauma related methodology (SEI by Dami Charf: body and attachment focussed trauma therapy) as well as systemic coaching/constellation work for a trauma informed support for adult adoptees as they navigate their personal adoption journey.


Relinquishment and adoption trauma are often not being considered (enough) when adoptees seek mental health support. Experience shows that counselling by an adoptee enables a level of understanding and connection that is not easily accessible with non-adopted individuals.


For example: The emotional roller-coaster that comes with search and reunion is hard to understand and empathically accompany by somebody who does not share this experience. For adoptees it is often really difficult to put things into words and it is extremely important  for us to feel seen and validated when we choose to share our thoughts and feelings. I see my most important task in offering a safe space for adoptees for them to find the courage to be vulnerable and open with their individual adoption related topics.


Adoptees often feel like they don't belong. 

They might realize an underlying sadness without knowing where it comes from.

Many experience challenges when it comes to (intimate) relationships.

They often struggle with all sorts of losses and changes. 

For many adoptees it's tough to deal with conflict and to feel/protect their own boundaries.

And there are other patterns and challenges that adoptees repeatedly find themselves confronted with and don't know how to escape from. It's a big relief to find somebody who can explain how all this might be related to their early childhood experience and who can work with them to start healing the "primal wound" (according to Nancy Vervier's book).


I'm part of several adoptee networks globally and give workshops, seminars as well as presentations in this field. I also offer full days of group constellation work specifically for adult adoptees.


Please let me know if you are interested in working with me or having me as a presenter (in English or German). Contact me...



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Publication: "Systemic and individual influencing factors in adoption"

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Zuerst veröffentlicht in: PFAD Fachzeitschrift für die Pflege- und Adoptivkinderhilfe 1/2023, S. 16-19. Mit freundlicher Erlaubnis des Schulz-Kirchner Verlags

Part 1 of a short interview about my coaching appproach for adult adoptees - their life experiences, challenges and patterns.


Part 2 of the interview which I gave to Markus Röder.

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