Great to have you here! There's probably a reason for that.


Are you facing changes or a challenging situation in your business or personal life, maybe even a crisis?

Are you in a phase of reorientation without exactly knowing yet, what the  final stage should look like?

Are you (again and again) reaching your limit and are now ready to take the next step - to overcome the hurdle?

Would you like to further develop yourself and/or your team to get to the next level?

Or maybe you are an adult adoptee and you would like to reflect on the impact that adoption still has on you and your life?

Based on my personal experience as well as the optimum mix of methods I'm happy to support you on your journey - in person or online. Check for more details on adoptee coaching here.

I offer an empathetic and competent support to find your individual approach to your current challenge.

You  get the opportunity to exchange and reflect with someone who respects and acknowledges you with all your strengths and skills and makes use of a trauma informed approach.

Our appointments take place in an atmosphere of trust and appreciation in a calm and comfortable environment.


Please continue to read through my website or get in personal contact with me for more detailed information.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Best wishes,

Dr. Karin Issberner